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released December 25, 2000


The performers on this recording were:

Alfred Cloutier: guitar
Dave Fielding: drums, vox
Chris McHugh: bass
Dave Zemotel: guitar, vox

Produced, engineered and mixed by Dave Zemotel for SENDIDES

Recorded at
Ovid 962 Studios
In Hingham, MA
During the Fall and Winter
of 1999 and 2000

Thanks to God, our families, friends, and fans

Special Thanks to Chris Feist and Andrew Teixeira for their contributions to this project.

Painting [Cover Art] by
Andrew Teixeira

Layout, design, and photos
by Al C. & Dave F.

Copyright © 2000 Ovid 962 Productions
All Rights Reserved
Unauthorized duplication is a
violation of applicable laws.



all rights reserved


SERVER Boston, Massachusetts

We're working-class, no-nonsense existential logicians in the spirit of Wittgenstein, Russell, Cantor, and St. Anselm. Our music reflects our dedication to the average working Joe who struggles with paying bills, the meaning of non-existence, and the problem of evil. ... more

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Track Name: Metaxus
Mud broken back
Shift crack spine
Flatline strong
Headlong bind
Dull thrust side

Alive and
Thorn-pierced breath
Confused but simple
In tact and war
Broken and our heart seen

Forested and laden ash
Open and well-stressed rib
Cankered and
Sore ruined bone
Impaired and
Quiet humble eye
Tensed and
Shined to death
Hunched yet strong
Willed on all fours

Aware of unawares
Dying to relieve
What is to come
To stare and believe

Void of rebellion
Dazed by the sun
Lacking in side
Focusing on
The self-given one

To stare and believe
Track Name: Falling Into The Wake
Follow the changes and carry
On form a stretching Low
Shade some would Rise was
This year lost to Sun-severe
Ties bathed in Life of ease

Balance changed memory
Slight and estrange
Paid to sun-severed ties
Hoping I won't let it fly

Shine on, shine on as
Barren you are and with
Distance, chance wouldn't
Let in one less scar
Cannot be what
You'd like to scrape me
Under the door
And rise, say you'll arrive

Falling down
Again in the wake
Fading fast
Don't forget
What you pain stake

So long days turn to
Wasted words
So long had they believed
We'd still be on
The black storm that had
Weighed us down
Bathed in life of ease

The barrow downs sliding
Close through the sound
Paid to sun-severed ties
Maybe I won't let it fly

Shine on, shine on as buried
As you are
And this rampage
Wouldn't let
A wandering star
Cannot be what you like
To see me roll down

Haze seeps through
Each day to the sound
Time to swallow your
Memory was a landslide
Track Name: Perennial
Stand upon self
And fall fast
Everyone watches
Oil pushed, canyon swept
As are the findings
One above all
Sounding rock
Cracking the barrier between
Knower and the neck-braced
Caved in power
Truth is found

Rivered through deserted
Swell up, burst through
Slay the marble guard with
Blast through the seams of
Minding the brain and its
Obey the perennial guard
With humility

Answers received
In longsight will be in line

The slow and
The long way
Strike hard to
An anxious world
Shown by
The old sliding tremor
Was its root unstable ties

Stand upon rock
hard and fast
And Apollo watches
Over the battle
That is already won
Track Name: Expiation
Wait and stand in
Learn what you
Already know now
In the tide of changing
Fade to an
Ash blackened soul

Buried and surviving
Life you loved so hard
And slipped away

Fade out of time and
Attached to unending pain
The life full of
Wasted days done
To let it all feel undone
To clear the smoke
From the sun
And bring us
All back to earth

Derailed in clouds
We've been waiting
As sure as dissipated
World light shines
In the endless open paved
Overall, time was now

Buried and surfacing
The painless labor lords
And no way out

To make it all feel undone
To clear the life's
Lonely sorrow
And bring us all
Back to earth
Track Name: Redden
Amongst this would
I have warped
Bringing this set in focus
And closing off
Obligatory act
Amongst this it is not I
A second hand
Steers in turn
With curling fingers
And urges

Redden everything to taste
Win all over and settle
For nothing less than ideal

Beside our falling kind
Echoing the bloody host
Give us life
Bow down for there is no
Little heaven
We will always revere
Even when name is stomped
Into the ground
High above our knees

The set of sets pushed
Out of focus, out of vocal
Out of earshot
By the itching hand
That steers

And the will that lets it
Buy the words that fear
And the wit to help it

Bow down to
The king of absolute
Track Name: Aleph Null
Putting on
Mother mind to learn
Us will dawn
Unaccounts will burn
Sure as hell and all aside
Put forth depth into
The malice-headed boar

Understand and recognize
When mouth is fed with
Blood shot eyes
Feeling death - oblivious
Soaked in red that dies
Give into the overseer
Welcome to
The day-moon blender
Give up on
The statue breeder
Of the sterilized

Falling through
Soaked wet nap ablaze
Hoping to
Will and break the maze
For the one not fast
Needed is the day the
Sheep amass

Now behold and
Symbolize with watering
mouth and massive size
Feeling life - looking up
To the bringer of the cup
Track Name: Gravestar
Don't follow star flow
Through the shallow
Long way down to the sun
Won't give aid
Too far away
Won't be sucked down
To Dark Bay

Old world has
Faded to gray
Long way down to Gravestar

Lie covers ice star
Through dark doubt
Long way out to the end
Won't step to
Suspicious ground
Won't be left waiting
When we're found